Designers call responsible owners

A project architect and owner relationship is indeed very important, because the owners of the designer's trust and satisfaction with the design can make a sign. Designer responsible for the owner's attention and not just before signing, but throughout the construction process.
CR 24 city is a 120-square-meter home, designed by the company, a young designer. This project from on-site construction, paving, completion, owners change of construction plan of construction stage, designer to the site at least 4 or 5 times. Important construction link progress to the project, the project manager a call, he did the first time. Sometimes, the owners have questions about construction, a call he will get to meet the owner, active consultation with the customer to resolve any problems. No matter what, he is always on call, if it is morning, and arrived at the scene before he will always be at 8:30. Is the quality, real action, touched the hearts of the customers, was repeatedly praised by customers.
He was a shy, introspective architect. Not talk too much, but always with excellent design every detail and sincere service for customers. For designers, and they will certainly have a lot of customers, but for the customer, you are the only designer of his house, so your heart, he can see and feel. As a responsible Designer, he did it, really get sincere praise from customers, also practicing a person's commitment to the customer. BACK

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