Home faithful service: customers with hands-on

The creativity store is located near the Palace of culture, is a training for 0-9 children's intelligence agencies, the construction of small public equipment in September, had been completed in late September. However, due to its effects on project requirements, and in art wall sticky glass film and views put forward on the issue of reform. In order to meet customer requirements, pottery designers have taken the trouble to visit the site this month, both part of the adjustment, check.
This training will open on November 1, in order to begin their business, owners and designers meet today, hoping to both all right. At that time, pottery designers just to negotiate with another customer for fitting the end back to the company, after receiving the owner's phone would come in time to the project site. In the customer's behest, sticky paste art wall, making the colors more reasonable, more beautiful. Subsequently, the pottery designer and a worker over the film on the glass, up to 6:30 P.M., and finally completion of rectification according to customer expectations.
Designer responsible for the seriousness, have been approved by customers, this is the Shang Ran the human qualities. BACK

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