Project managers and owners to discuss construction issues

On October 18, the project manager and editor 4-16-7 project on the East Coast scene, participating in site before construction problems.
This site is about to start, project manager at the review site and found the House itself there are some particularities, makes the construction is facing some difficulties, you must discuss it with the owners, consent of the owners and some construction program. And the owner himself is not in Chongqing today is the project manager, the project manager met with the agent of the owner. Talks covered includes: the wall and the ceiling structure. Taking into account the practical situation, under the premise of ensuring the construction quality and the overall effect, the three presented their recommendations and treatment plan, eventually came to an agreement.
Identify problems and communicate with owners before construction, exploration, settlement, it was Shang Ran on clients, a rigorous engineering of irresponsibility, which put an end to the construction after the engineering quality and progress of serious problems.

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