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The design team

Tao Feng

Business time:8 Year

Design concept: art is an expression of life and sublimated; no precipitation and reflections on life loses the basis for design; design is integration in life more fun and feeling, showing more personality while reflecting the colorful lifestyle.

Design style: stable atmosphere    focus on hard decorating and furniture, drapery material color mix, good wishes and ideas through the owner's decorating amplification and expression. Gardening, lighting research

Home case studies: Crystal Belvedere2 Building-16-5 New, Tin Yat  6 Building3-1 And the TNT hoau autumn encounter1 Building-9-1 , The second generation of a2 Building8-5 , Wanzhou city2 Building-15-3 , Yunyang Riverside International2 Building-171819

Zhang Junqing

Graduate school Graduated from Henan University School of art.

Business time: &Nbsp;  four-year  ( Modern style, Eastern Mediterranean, Garden  )

Design regrets: we've a busy day, our Design Studio running with the site. When the days when water goes, love nest of the looking owners build up one by one. Perhaps because too much of a hurry, perhaps because they are too casual, never mind the little bit, let the heart slightly parked we found that in fact, it is a kind of happiness.

Design concept:  Interpretation, creating an ideal resting place.
Customer testimony: On the upper river, South, Luneng Metro green, Fortune Centre, Olympic Park Poly champagne, elegance and beauty, and Jing, Neath the United States Bank, autumn encounter, Cannes, lanxi Valley, Olympic Park, Spring Garden, one in Wuhan

Luo Nan

Graduated from Department of architecture of the University of the arts in the North

Experience: 8 years                                

Design concept: design like a person's clothing package, with the change of life and constantly striving for perfection, and put all the Nice decorations on the body, it is not beautiful, aesthetic lost; the United States as a whole, far view of beauty is harmony, not just local.

Design style: modern, Chinese, Jian Ou, French, new and elegant life

Customer testimony: (medical, entertainment, beauty salons, restaurants, offices, shops, houses villas), Edward, Edward hospital in Chongqing, Suining hospital nosocomial, Chivas bars, Sun Li, Carter's Western coffee.

Liu Yu

Business time:6 Year

School: major built homes

Design concept: Room space Division and function layout always is the basis of design

Design style: Simple   simple and elegant and accurate grasp of the design elements, creating a comfortable home environment for arts and culture can get rid of the mediocre

Customer testimony:1. Clouds:2 Building4-1 Teacher Liu style: modern • simple • warm, covering:80 Square meters, total project cost:10 Wan

          2. Impressions of the city:3 Building32-5 Lo, style: modernity, luxury and size:95


Experience:  experienced in this field: four years in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing a year for six years

Design:  in the pursuit of fashion and nature co-exist in harmony to find

Design concept of:  people-oriented, function first

Designed:  North into CSI element

Design style:  persuade his work would never take shots

Customer testimony:  Beijing Palace family farm decoration area1200㎡;

Villa presided over the great man's former residence in Chongqing he long renovation works,2 Building681㎡;

Home improvement tools experienced in cosmetic, hospitals, education, entertainment, Office, catering, leisure and many other industries have hosted projects

Duan Yanling

Experience: seven years

Graduate School of Chongqing jianzhu University

Design concept: design comes from life, details

Customer testimony: State capital of the upper House of Parliament, long purple, smth, guangsha city, golden road bridge water, scenery, golden sand water coast

Lee beyond

Business time:4 Year

School: sichun Academy

Design concept: with a minimum of input, the landscaping and to maximize use of existing space

Customer testimony: top 162-15-2 Mr Ray   top-162-15-7  Wanda Plaza,D-8-5 Ms Goh   dingxin Court stage17-3   Chen Jia Qiao mood for beauty salon   Lishui Ching yuanF-15-3 Mr easy

Jie Jing

Business time:2004 Year to date

Law school: College of Guangdong Province, Baiyun, environment art design

Design concept: design concept and functions of integrated use, by points, lines, surfaces to achieve Visual enjoyment.

Customer testimony: 2004-2009 Shenzhen vanke Golf Villa shengmolisi Villa, Dongguan, Dongguan watermark long beach long beach villas, Dongguan watermark Mr Qiu Qiu Cui Villa duplex villas, Dongguan, Dongguan King Bay side a model room, Dongguan South debonair model houses,  

Since  2009-  Chongqing Holley world villas, garden villas, mountain language Sun Hua Ting, aijiaxixili, Ju hua, Dragon Court, integrated city in Hunan province

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